Top 5 Promotions of 2015


Saturday, May 16th vs. Rockies

Starting things off at the number 5 promotion for the 2015 season is the Old-Timer’s Game and 1965 World Series Replica Ring giveaway. Now some people may think, “eh it’s just gonna be a piece of plastic”. No! You’re wrong! This is the real thing here! You get a ring, hopefully a Dodgers win over the Rockies, and the Old-Timers game to top off a great day!


Wednesday, April 15th vs. Mariners

Adult Jjackie-robinson-authentic-throwback-jersey-white-42-mitchell-and-ness-los-angeles-dodgers-mlb-jerseyackie Robinson Replica Jersey pops in at #4. I really like this because Jackie Robinson was not only one of the greatest Dodgers ever, but one of the best to ever play the game. He led the way for all African-Americans to play the game of baseball for Major League Baseball. He played in a rough time and went through it all. The coolest part about this giveaway is that the date they giveaway the jersey is the same day every team wears #42 and recognizes Jackie for everything he did.


Wednesday, September 16th vs Rockies

Coming in at number 3 is the  Fernando Valenzuela bobblehead giveaway on a Wednesday night. This would be a great giveaway game to go to. Fernando is one of the greatest Dodgers pitchers of all time. He started with the Dodgers at such a young age out of Mexico. Fernando Mania comes in at the second best giveaway at Dodger Stadium in the 2015 season. 


Thursday, August 13th vs. Reds

Runner up is the Sandy Koufax bobblehead on a Thursday night. Sandy is definitely the greatest pitcher in Dodgers franchise history. Sandy Koufax still reports to Dodgers Spring Training every year and makes it to many games at Dodger Stadium. This is a really good giveaway.


Wednesday, September 23rd vs. Diamondbacksdownload

And of course, coming in at #1, Vin Scully bobblehead giveaway! This game is most likely one of the most anticipated games of the year because who the hell doesn’t want a Vin Scully bobblehead?! Vin Scully is a Dodger favorite not only by the Dodger fans but by any baseball fan. His soothing voice and witty character and use of words is impossible to explain. This is a can’t miss giveaway.


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