The AGon Impact

Adrian Gonzalez is coming off back to back 100+ RBI seasons. Really no surprise there. AGon has always been a guy that the Dodgers can rely on whether he is in the 3 or the 4 spot in the lineup. The Dodgers lost a lot of power this offseason, and it was only the loss of one guy, Matt Kemp. Kemp was the distributor of most of the power in the lineup. No more Kemp, means AGon is the new #1 power guy in the lineup. 

Of course I didn’t forget about Puig. Yasiel is a great power hitter, but he moves around quite a bit in the lineup. Unlike Puig, Adrian is usually the number 3 or 4 hitter, sometimes even in the 5 hole. Being the middle guy in the lineup, the Dodgers look to AGon to be the power guy. 

Believe it or not, the National League West is getting stronger and stronger. The Dodgers remain the team to beat but the Padres and Giants will be definite competitors in 2015. A strong league means stronger pitching, the middle order of the lineup must be strong in order to win games.

At 32 years old, Adrian Gonzalez is still one of the elite first basemen’s in the game. He has won a total of 4 gold gloves, 2 with the Padres in 2008 and 2009, 1 with Boston in 2011, and 1 with the Dodgers in 2014. Don’t be surprised if he wins another this season. 

The Dodgers have Adrian Gonzalez locked up through 2018 so we don’t have to worry about a lack of power for quite a while. Whether it be with the glove or the bat, Adrian is the most reliable player in the lineup day in and day out. 


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