Dodgers Offseason Notes

Yesterday was the first day of the off-season for the Dodgers. It’s going to be a long one. Let’s hope it will be a productive off-season as well. There will be dozens of questions over these next 4 months heading into Spring Training. Will Don Mattingly be back? Where will Hanley Ramirez end up? Will Ned Colletti stay and continue to make bad signings? These and many more questions must and will be answered sooner or later.

Via Marx Saxon on Twitter: “Stan Kasten and Ned Colletti are meeting this afternoon”. Now to some, this meeting could mean that Kasten is going to fire Ned Colletti. But to others it just may mean that the Dodgers will keep Colletti and begin a plan for this off-season and what to do with the Free Agent’s. In my opinion, I want Ned Colletti out of Los Angeles. He’s made very few good decisions in his time here. Not only me but other Dodgers fans are sick and tired of his ridiculous shenanigans and signing former washed up Giants. For example: Jason Schmidt, Brian Wilson, Brett Tomko. Colletti and Kasten will continue to meet through the weekend.

Hanley Ramirez is the biggest name in the free agent’s list from the Dodgers. What would you do with Hanley? If he does come back, I believe it would only be for 3 years at most, but who knows how long Ned would keep him around.I would move Hanley over to third base if he the Dodgers bring him back. Uribe is a wonderful defensive player and a solid hitter as well. But at the age of 36, who knows how well he will be able to perform. Justin Turner was a huge piece of the Dodgers success in 2014 and I really hope to see him in a Dodgers uniform in 2015 and maybe even beyond next season.

Don Mattingly should not be fired and I believe that he will continue to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yes he may make some not so good decisions especially during the game, but he is working with what Ned Colletti has given him. Colletti isn’t giving Donnie much to work with bullpen-wise. The bullpen has struggled all year long and you can’t blame Mattingly for having a bullpen that just isn’t very good at all. Many want Don Mattingly gone, but think again before you make a decision like that.

Now we’ve all heard about the stupid and ridiculous nonsense news of the Dodgers shopping Yasiel Puig. There have been “reports” about many teams interested in Yasiel Puig, but who the hell isn’t isn’t interested in Puig. Every stadium the Dodgers visit, Yasiel Puig receives boos from the away fans. But in all seriousness, every team would give up a lot just to have this young phenom on their team starting every day. Now the reason this is ridiculous, is because the Dodgers would be out of their mind if they even thought about trading Puig.


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