The Morning After The Disaster

Yesterday’s game was not what Dodgers fans had in mind. Tuesday night the Dodgers were outscored 10-4. Yesterday they were pummeled 16-2, let’s just be fortunate it wasn’t 17-0. How ironic that would have been.

Due to September call-ups, the Dodgers have plenty of pitching in the bullpen. Carlos Frias made his second start for the Dodgers… and it wasn’t a good one. Giving up 8 ER and limited to only 2/3 of an inning. The bullpen did a very good job, well, everyone besides Correia, Correia gave up 3 ER while the rest of the bullpen only allowed 1 ER.

The Diamondbacks failed to beat the Giants yesterday which means the Dodgers NL West lead is now down to 2 games. The Dodgers start a 4 game series with the Chicago Cubs starting tonight and concluding Sunday afternoon. I’d be happy if the Dodgers took 3 out of from from the Cubs, but a 4 game sweep would be amazing. With the Giants having a day off today, they will start a 3 game series with the Padres in San Diego on Friday night.

The Dodgers two best pitchers, Greinke and Kershaw, take the mound back-to-back days. Dodgers fans always feel very confident when those two aces are up there on the mound. We can all guarantee that both of them will throw at least 7 innings and allow no more than two or three runs. Let’s just hope the offense can come show show some well deserved run support for Greinke and Kershaw.


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